Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Virgin Voyage

I miss her and I wish I had done things differently.

Even though I smile at you, I want to hit you.

She called me, told me she was having an affair. I swore I'd never tell anyone. I hung up and called her mother and told.

I want new boobs.

I saw you last night. I pretended not to know you and you pretended not to even see me. I was thinking about your piercing...and how much I would like to see it again.

I think you're fat. And ugly.

You make me happy, but only when I'm asleep.

I'm gay. Like, flaming. And you have no idea.

Send in your secrets and watch for the next update.

The Daily Confessional


Let me explain. What I do here is simple...

I tell your secrets.

But I don't get specific, I don't judge...and I don't know you.

I speak for you.

Think of it as emailing a priest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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